Wills, Estates, and Powers of Attorney

Wills, Estates, and Powers of Attorney

A properly structured estate plan can help reduce taxes and the expenses of administering your estate, while ensuring a smooth and efficient transition of your assets into the hands of the intended beneficiaries. A well-drafted will is central to any estate plan. At Wolf Hooker Professional Corporation, we strive to ensure our clients have a will in place which aligns with their overall estate plan and carries out their wishes in the most effective way possible. Continuing Powers of Attorney are also powerful planning tools, which ensure that someone you can trust is able to make decisions about your property and personal care in the event you are unable to do so. Our lawyers can help you by preparing Powers of Attorney to ensure the person you choose will be the one making property and personal care decisions for you if the need ever arises. If you have been named as an estate trustee, or a loved one has passed away without a will, our lawyers can help you in understanding your rights and duties and assist with the administration of the estate.

Our Wills and Estates practice include:

Drafting new wills (including mirror wills for spouses where appropriate)

Reviewing existing wills

Advising Estate Trustees

Probate applications (With a Will or Intestate)

Advising beneficiaries

Drafting Powers of Attorney

Inter Vivos gifts (transfers of property, establishment of trusts, etc.)