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Wolf Hooker Law Firm - Serving Essex County

The Wolf Hooker team includes 9 lawyers and a multitalented support team. Wolf Hooker was founded in 1978 by Christopher M Bondy and has maintained its presence in downtown Essex, Ontario since then. We've established ourselves as a "small town law firm" with "Big City" capabilities.

Our motto, "Straight Talk - Effective Action" clearly defines our approach to client representation. We ensure that our clients always understand their legal situation clearly and completely and we tell them exactly what next step(s) are available to them and we fully explain the potential ramifications associated with each option.

Once we have been given direction by our clients, we represent them and their interests with enthusiasm, intensity and tenacity. We protect our clients aggressively and celebrate every successful resolution on behalf of all our clients.

We firmly believe in a proactive approach when representing our clients. The best way to avoid most difficulties is to prepare for them in advance and structure a plan that helps to minimize, or alleviate entirely, their potential occurrence.

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